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S a r a h P a l l i s e r



"services are offered on a modular basis, singular, multiple or the complete end to end"

  • Concept/Schematic
  • Visualisations
  • Complete Lighting Design Documentation
  • Lighting Construction Services
  • Seminars
            Lighting Design
            CPD accreditation


            illumination calculations - AGI & Dialux

            Daylight modelling

  • Compliant Documentation to BCA & Australian Standards
  • Audio / Visual Services
  • Reports 

           Lighting quality reviews
           Project evaluation

  • Bespoke Fixtures

       concept -detailed design production


Initial consultation with the Client / Architect / ID Consultant to establish the collective design intent.

  • Preliminary studies in the form of sketches & diagrams to establish basic lighting principles appropriate to the architectural design for each element using case studies & built examples where appropriate.
  • Preliminary sketches / drawings / images of the types of lighting techniques proposed including sketches of custom lighting designs (if required).
  • Preliminary outline cost & quantity estimates of lighting techniques, as related to the cost plan.
  • Mood images reflecting design language for each area
    Presentation of conceptual design in the form of hand-sketch drawings; images; sketch details, diagrams and plans representing the lighting design effect, communicated electronically.

Complete Lighting Design Documentation.

Includes Lighting Consultant attendance

Final layouts of the proposed lighting design - either manually on working drawing copy negatives, or in CAD format using the base RCP and Floor plan, both provided by the Interior Designer / Architect. This information is for use by the Architect, Electrical Engineer & Builder in the preparation of the tender documentation

Final detail integration sketches indicating the co-ordination of luminaires with architectural details

Specifications for the luminaires (Cutsheets) including the following:

  • Luminaire manufacturer & supplier
  • Catalogue / product / order reference codes
  • Photometric and optical performance
  • Luminaire dimensions, colour, finish, and image of fixture etc. in the form of catalogue cutsheets
  • Luminaire fixing requirements
  • Luminaire accessories
  • Lamp manufacturer, type, wattage, colour temperature etc
  • Specification of appropriate control gear

Operational specification for the lighting control system . This may include

  • Automatic (astronomical time switch) and manual override outline specification and operation
  • Lighting control channel groups, luminaire quantities and estimated lighting loads
  • Daylight related integration and operation - if required
  • Details of type, location size and engraving of all control panelsDetails of dimmer rack locations
  • Luminaire quantity estimates for preparation of tender documents
  • Connected load summaries for preparation of tender documents
  • Developed custom luminare design (if required) to sufficient detail to enable competitive bids to be sought for their final design development and manufacture by suitable manufacturers.
  • Cost estimates based on the final specified luminaires and lighting control equipment
  • Assistance to the project manager, architect & design team in the compilation of tender documentation
  • Review current lighting layout as designed by the electrical engineer and / or Contractor

Services During Construction & Post Construction

Review of the design team’s construction issue documentation insofar as this relates to the lighting installation in the areas defined above

Should alternative luminaires be proposed by the Contractor - a working sample, dimensioned shop drawing and full photometric data shall be supplied to the Lighting Consultant for review

  • Final review of relevant joinery and luminaire shop drawings prior to supply and construction
  • Final lamp replacement schedule for the client. (as-installed drawings, operational and maintenance (O&M) manuals and relevant information to be provided by the electrical contractor)
  • Listing lighting related defects in the areas defined in the above scope of work and assistance to the design team in correcting said defects
  • Assisting with the programming of installed lighting control equipment and the setting of light levels
  • Directing the focussing of adjustable luminaires (if required). The electrical contractor will supply personnel to perform this work in compliance with the local legislation and union agreements

Post Construction

  • Undertake Commissioning
  • Provide reports identifying defects

Illumination Calculations - AGI, Dialux & Daylight modelling

illumination calculations using lighting packages such as - AGI & Dialux outputs include:
  • Production of Lux diagrams (Lighting levels)
  • Isographs/pointcalcutions
  • 3DRenders
  • DaylightMapping

Compliant Documentation to BCA & Australian Standards

Lighting Equipment Schedules are integrated with BCA (Building Code of Australia) Section J requirements

Lighting Design are compliant with Australian Standards AS1680

Audio Visual Services

Video conferencing

Event Solutions


Lighting Quality Reviews

Produce detail lighting reviews of existing installations

Lighting reports, which include;

  • Light pollution
  • Work place solutions
  • Signage


In house we Produce of animated lighting solutions using a combination of the following packages:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Powerpoint
  • In-design