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S a r a h P a l l i s e r


CPD Points / Seminars 

Session Themes


Shadows- photographic/video images/ models, how does the location of light source both using natural and artificial light effect the projected shadow. How does this effect our sense of time and what effect does the rise and full of the sun impact within the space in which we inhabit.

  • 3 dimensionality of light
  • Shadows and contrast & time

Colour rendering

Colour temperature - how the colour temperature of light effects surface render form and function using both Artificial and Natural day light. How does surfaces absorb/reflect colour and how does the effect what we visually see.

As humans, our colour vision influences everything from our art and poetry to the colours we paint our homes and the clothing we choose to buy. Yet, we rarely question the mechanics of our colour perception – or what we may not be able to see.

  • Understanding how light and render can enhance to a space
  • Render data & colour


  • Elements that create atmospheres, descriptive narratives
  • linking atmospheric envelopes to space/form, time and function
  • Can surface reflective data ground you in a place, time, atmosphere, state of mind?

New Technologies

  • Is Graphene the future
  • LED’s pro’s and cons
  • Frankfurt – New Technologies launch
  • 4th Dimension – Audio Visual
  • Lighting Control